So, Why Do We Play Cards After All?

We have so many ways to pass the time, nowadays, and yet, card and board games are still a thing. And while we can only say that board games are getting more and more innovative and creative, card games have remained the same. What is more, this would be the only types of games you could actually play with your parents and grandparents as their rules have remained the same. So, the question arises: in the context of new generations taking such great pride in doing things other generations can hardly understand, how come card games have made it across the generation border?

Doing card tricks

Doing card tricks


Say what you like about the hipsters and the movement they have started and which we all enjoyed to criticize. They actually contributed immensely in bringing a lot of the “old arts” back in the spotlight. And while we still like to laugh at the bearded fellow with a typewriter in Starbucks, who did not get the memo that even that trend has set, it is people like that that made us appreciate things we simply passed aside as we galloped through the age of technological evolution.

In an age when only the latest phone was cool, when only the latest song and the latest trend were acceptable, these people turned our attention to something we used to do in the past and by simply choosing to talk about it, made it cool again. It did not make you a hipster to sit around with friends playing cards like you did when you were a kid in the 90s or 80s. It meant you were nostalgic.


People playing cards

People playing cards

Playing games on the TV, computer or phone can be wildly addictive. Anyone who has never sent a Candy Crush request may throw the first stone. However, playing cards means actually interacting with people. It means coming together, holding an actual hand of cards, looking into the opponent’s eyes, and actually expressing your frustration at losing or happiness at winning. This is a real activity, with real people and real emotions. And while we may find it odd that we are already making such statements, it is clear to everybody that we are heading toward a world with less and less human interaction.

If you happen to be into one of those games you play with a partner, things get even more interesting as you have to play in a team. This is another aspect of human interactions which has received very little attention lately.



Parents are constantly being warned against the dangers of letting young children handle some of the more modern devices. This is because the HD images and bright colors can quickly pervert their little brains and become addictive. This being the case, they are constantly advised to stimulate the development of their children by using learning cards and mind games.

Transferring this information to adults, do you not feel the need for some different type of visual and mental stimulation? Becoming too addicted to phone games means wanting to swipe on an actual exit sign and only doing things that are naturally intuitive. Card games force you to live in the moment and to stress your mind a little. It means remembering different game rules without having the computer to remind you of anything, and without it blocking you from doing anything that is not allowed.



Actually, going to someone’s house to play a game of cards is an experience in itself. It involves making or getting and invitation, dressing up for the occasion, traveling there, getting some food and enjoying the real-life company of other people. It is an old-fashioned get-together.

Not to mention the fact that having to hold up your cards and having to pay attention to the game means no hands to keep on the phone. A real disconnection. And if someone has the brilliant idea of collecting all phones and of forcing the first person to pick up his or her phone to pay the pizza bill, then you have a real party on your hands.



With so many online casino games, it’s no wonder so many people know by heart the rules of games such as Poker or Blackjack. However, they can play it as cool as they like. When they are at home, in their pajamas, with a half-opened pizza box near-by, it isn’t as glamorous as being in a live casino. No matter how much the website they are on promises otherwise. Get dressed, pick up some cards, and organize a friendly game with higher stakes. Or even go to a casino and feel the real deal. There are a lot of such places and it would sure be a welcome change from losing money by pressing a button and sitting around in the same clothes.


People playing cards

People playing cards


Most of us know how to play cards because we were taught by parents, grand-parents, and older siblings when we were children. This meant that, at one point, different generations were at the same table, playing the same game, aaaand HAVING FUN! Unimaginable considering the current generation gap, but possible if you only make an effort to remember that card game grandma loved to play. Card games are the common language of several generations and it would be a shame not to partake in something as beautiful as a shared game.



In the end, when you imagine a youngster spending time, you automatically place a phone in his hands. Therefore, playing cards is more of an older person’s prerogative. Then why raise a brow when you see young people playing cards with actual cards and enjoying a get-together the old traditional way. After all, the online world may be exciting and all, and new board games are getting crazier and crazier, but it’s great to have options, and card games are an amazing option.